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Does art promote kindness?

I have been lucky enough to work in a school on a fab artist residency for 6 weeks and am really enjoying it so far.

I have thought for a while that the process of art has abilities far beyond the expected creative outlet that you would expect. I believe that forgetting about the end result and being absorbed it the process of art propels you into a flow type state that is not un similar to meditation. It frees the mind and enables you to be truly present in the activity in hand rather than the stresses and strains of everyday anxiety.

Recently I have been researching the effect of kindness being more visible in art sessions and I have witnessed this first hand this week at school.

Pupils are supportive with each other and give encouragement freely without being prompted.

Now, I may be wrong but...…..I am not sure that you would readily see comments like 'ooh you did really well in trying to work out that maths problem' as much as I hear 'ooh that colour is nice' or 'yes, I really like your painting'

Pupils are supportive with each other and give encouragement freely without being prompted.

Academic subjects because of the nature of there being a right or wrong answer provokes competition. 'How many did you get correct?' Are you moving up a level in reading' However even though there are obviously people that are naturally better at art that others there is no threat of competition?

Also, I believe that the process of art being completely different to academia makes getting it wrong ok. In art you only really learn something when it goes wrong! If you don't experiment you can’t know the art mediums and then won't know what they do. If you get something wrong in maths for example you are losing. If you mess up in art the likeliness is you have learnt something that will make your next piece amazing!

So, splash that paint, crumple that paper, embrace your doodling, you never know you might just produce something spectacular...….and if not just enjoy the flow!


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