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It was a dream come true when i opened  my first cakery on my favourite road of my hometown Whitley Bay back in late 2019. 

A creative fine artist from a design background with a passion for sweet treats,  I am driven by anything visual and have a head full of ideas and projects constantly.

I aim to deliver an inspirational experience for all visitors to the shop or online. I strive to be able to offer the most exciting, tasty treats that you have ever had. If you are looking for something just a bit extra then get in touch.

I am a single mum living her dream, this is me and my team



When taking a walk along Park View your eye will likely be caught by the Madi Bakes shop window, a constantly evolving experience celebrating a number of occasions. Below are some of the key dates and events you can expect to see us celebrating soon.

November 20th 2020: Christmas window

November 26th Christmas Pre order

December 14th - 23rd Christmas workshops


We are proud to complement our outstanding cakes with exceptional coffee by Tynemouth Coffee.

We serve and stock the Black Midden blend which is strong and beautifully smooth .



Even though we take special care to produce your treats in the safest and cleanest of environments we still can not guarantee no cross contamination of allergens; particularly, nuts, wheat, gluten or dairy. Our vegan products aim to not include any animal product but we can not guarantee that no dairy is present.

We have a small kitchen where ingredients are stored and prepared together.

You can view our full allergen list 

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